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Pickup & Delivery

We encourage everyone to make an appointment to pick up their puppy directly from us, either at our closest airport or at our home. If these options are not plausible for you, we have flight nanny options, & ground shipping available upon request (depending on location, availability etc.) Should you choose to use us as your flight nanny, please know that delivery usually totals around $1000.00 & is your sole responsibility. Flight nanny fees are additional fees, & are not included in the total purchase price of your puppy. Flight Nanny fees will include the nanny's plane ticket, your puppy's plane ticket, & an airline approved dog carrier complete with a puppy travel kit.  Ground shipping may be available upon request & at an additional charge depending on location & availability. The remaining balance is to be paid in full at pick-up. If you are using a flight nanny, or requesting ground transit then payment must clear 3 days prior to transport. No Exceptions.

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