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Health Guarantee

We guarantee your puppy is in good health & free of any communicable disease at the time of sale. Your puppy will be up to date on any & all vetting including shots & de-worming. All puppies from Simply Mini's come with complimentary 30 day health insurance through trupanion (free to you). You'll have three (3) days from pick-up to get your new puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian. If your puppy fails the examination, you may return the puppy, with a written statement from the Veterinarian, for a full or partial refund. Failure to do so is an acceptance of health, anatomical make-up, appearance & temperament. If you choose to keep the puppy, no replacement or refund will be given, & all medical costs & treatment are your sole responsibility. If the puppy is believed to be affected by a genetic health condition upon initial examination, we have the right to request a second Veterinary opinion. You must provide proof of each examination & diagnosis, along with all phone numbers & names of treating Veterinarians.  If prior to the Puppy's first (1st) birthday, they are found to have a genetic health defect that effects adversely the quality of life & renders it unsuitable as a companion, the puppy may be returned to us, with written proof from a licensed veterinarian or certifying organization of the defect, for a replacement or partial refund. We reserve the right to obtain a second opinion within 30 days of notification. In the event of death, a formal necropsy is required, & results must be submitted to us accordingly. We do not warrant any condition, which is deemed by a veterinarian to be a normal aspect of a geriatric age, communicable disease/illness, or any conditions related to an injury. This guarantee is only valid if the following conditions are met, & proof is provided to us: 

  • The puppy is altered by the recommended age. (6 months )

  • The puppy is examined by a veterinarian within 72hrs of leaving S.M.G.

  • The puppy is fed a premium quality diet approved by S.M.G.

  • The puppy has been vaccinated according to the schedule provided.

  • The puppy has not been deemed obese, malnourished or neglected.

  • The puppy has not contracted any communicable or preventable disease.

We health test all our breeding dogs extensively. We take pride in breeding the best of the best. To read more about our breeding practices, check out our What We Raise page!

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